Welcome To Purple Mountain Institute

A nonprofit organization offering experiential learning programs in yoga,

strength and balance training, mindful awareness practices,

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and classes about healthy lifestyle choices

(like food, sleep, kitchen remedies, and connections).

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Mindful Veterans Project on YouTube

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Link: https://purplemountaininstitute.org/schedule/

Meditation by Phone

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Mondays & Fridays, 10-10:45 AM

Thursdays, 10-10:15 AM

  • Call: 520-277-7045 Access Code: 654218#

Gentle Yoga with Teri and Jessica

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– Thursdays,12-1 PM

  • Use Purple “Gentle Yoga” button to join via Zoom

Whole Body Fitness with Teri & Jessica on YouTube

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  • Click on YouTube Icon for Video

2022 MBSR dates to be announced – All classes free of charge

Class Information & Registration Form – Click on the Picture Icon Below

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Purple Mountain Institute Class Info & Registration

Testimonials From Our Veterans

Here are some answers to the question, at the end of the MBSR class –
“Did you learn something of lasting value from this class and if so, what?”

“To be mindful. To be present, to live in the NOW rather than the past or the future, to separate thoughts from emotions and to let go of the thoughts when appropriate. To be calm and peaceful.”

“I’ve learned how to slow down; I’ve learned how to stop ruminating on a thought; I’ve learned how to put myself back to sleep during nights when insomnia kicks in.”

“I gained skills in the ability to step back from my thoughts and evaluate how they are affecting my actions.”