What We Do

Since 2008 we have been offering free mindfulness instruction to veterans, service members, and their families and partners. We offer classes in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as well as drop-in meditation classes for VA staff and volunteers, for participants in The Tucson City Veteran’s Court, and for the community.

MBSR is an evidence-based 8-week program that was developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn nearly 35 years ago. MBSR is taught in hospitals, clinics and communities throughout the world. Mindfulness has been shown to be a learnable set of skills that can result in beneficial changes in the brain, the mind, and relationships.

We teach 4 sessions of MBSR classes each year. And during each session, we offer 3 or 4 different classes Рa class at the local VA hospital, a class just for women vets, a class that is also open to the community, and usually another class in a more rural setting. NEXT MBSR CLASSES BEGIN IN JANUARY.

We also teach a drop-in meditation class at the Tucson Vet Center which is open to anybody in the community, a class at La Frontera/Rally Point which is for participants in Tucson Vet Court, and a class at the local VA hospital which is open to staff and volunteers.

Let there be peace on earth, peace in hearts and minds . . .

one breath and one moment at a time.

Your donation allows us to:

Practice Peace, Teach Peace & Deliver Peace.